Who are we

Who is behind EmpireDnB.com?

We are a live curated Drum and Bass project
We are a group of technology professionals from Austin, Texas with a passion for music.
Drum and Bass holds a special place in our hearts. After years of music related projects, we built EmpireDnB.com from the ground up to create a truly unique experience from traditional streaming.
Because we are artists EmpireDnB.com is entirely artist driven. Select artists contribute by streaming live to our servers. Unlike other streaming providers there are no schedules. Our artists can take over the airwaves when they feel inspired. If there is no one using the station when an artist wants to connect, they may start a broadcast by following our server guided walk through. All content that is broadcasted is captured remotely and added to our pre-recorded playlist automatically.
We believe in order to create such a unique product we need to be actively involved in its experience. EmpireDnB.com is our development playground. We are constantly updating this project to improve the concept, add new features and curate the experience.
Since we built the software ourselves, it will always be free to use for the Drum and Bass community. This site is our gift to a culture that is so ingrained into the fabric of who we are. All we ask is if you like our content please share it with your friends.