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We are a live curated Drum and Bass project
Set Up

Minimal hardware requirements allow the use of your existing PC/Mac without having to invest in a bunch of expensive add ons. Free, open-source software (Windows/Mac compatible) integrates seamlessly with your preferred audio mixer and allows for multiple webcams. If you are familure with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) for Facebook Live, Twitch or Youtube streaming, you'll feel right at home. If not, all you need is this free open source software and a stable internet connection.

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First time broadcasters will need to apply for an account and be added to a new or existing show. Once approved, they follow on-screen prompts to securely broadcast from OBS to our stream.
No schedules. Once approved, users can stream for as long as their show time limit allows. There is no limit to how often one can start a show but please respect others contribution equally.
Preview mode allows users to perform a sound check and ensure all camera angles are capturing the perfect vantage points for your subscribers. When everything is ready, you control when the live broadcast starts.
Stream live content to all your fans with just a few clicks.

When your live show is over, the broadcast switches automatically to specially curated, prerecorded content so subscribers never have to hear a moment of silence.
All our shows are recorded on the server as users broadcast. Broadcasters can choose to publish their events to our pre-recorded stream playing when no live broadcast is connected.